Lisgar Collegiate Institute

29 Lisgar Street

Written by Bytown Museum on 03/Dec/2009

A photograph of Lisgar Collegiate Institute
A photograph of Lisgar Collegiate Institute, 1875-1880

Originally known as the Ottawa Collegiate Institute, the school opened in 1874. Years of expansion ensued, which included the addition of a rifle range in the fourth-floor attic in 1912. In 1922, the school was renamed Lisgar Collegiate Institute.

In the 1970s, the cash-strapped Ottawa Board of Education attempted to close the school and sell the valuable downtown land. A public outcry ensued, including this excerpt from a speech by a Lisgar supporter: “Lisgar Collegiate does not deserve immortality because a great act of history was unfolded there. Nor would anyone claim it is a unique and compelling example of our architecture. But Lisgar Collegiate is a product of its age, a different age than ours, a product that gives variety to our city, a survival that evokes the sound of young voices then and now.”

Notable Lisgar alumni include Rich Little, Dan Akroyd, Adrienne Clarkson, James Naismith, Peter Jennings and Lorne Greene.

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Well It Look a nice School But Im New ,, I Hope to Like It :)

Zaid Albenayan, Saturday, January 22, 2011

hey i go to this school.. i am in it right now in my computer class :) it's a really cool school i found out that some famous people came here a long time ago i find that really cool.. and for anyone who comes to this school you will really like it =D i know i do

Amanda, Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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